Our History

The Founding of Christian Anglers Serving Together (CAST) 

CAST was founded in the summer of 2009 by Tim Yates of West Paducah, Kentucky.  Tim was a member of another Christian based fishing organization that is based out of Cadiz, Kentucky.  The long distance from home to the Cadiz area made him look to the Lord for guidance.  Through a lot of thought and prayer, Tim decided to start a Christian based organization in the Paducah area.  He talked with a few close friends to seek advice and reassurance.  The friends that he confided in gave him the encouragement to form a new organization.  On September 25, 2009, a group of men sat at a dining room table in West Paducah, Kentucky.  They formed CAST (Christian Anglers Serving Together).  The men attending this founding meeting were Tim Yates, Danny Everett, Steve Turner, Steve Farthing, Kevin Morrow, and Mike Parmer.  This group of Christian men decided on the name of the group. They determined membership status and dues, the basic logo, some tournament rules, a website, sponsorship of the club and of course they ate and enjoyed fellowship.  In an hour and a half, they went from group of Christian men who love the outdoors, fishing and the Lord to the new organization of Christian Anglers Serving Together (CAST).  They left the table and went their separate ways for the evening.  Some home, one went to a high school football game with his kids, one went to build a deer stand for him and his son, and one finished a sermon for Sunday.  We all walked away from the table home feeling inspired to start an organization that would serve the Lord.